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Original Piece of Art

Signed by Artist

3" x 9" x 3"

Quantity: 2


The figure is hand cast in urethane resin and painted with acrylic paints. The piece is pretty light and unbreakable. The stand comes with the figures. **Tax is included in the price.


Inspired by the Mesopotamian Tell Asmar Hoard (Early Dynastic I-II, ca. 2900–2550 BC), Shahrzad “came up with this idea because we all are together in this wondrous life. I look at people's faces every day, trying to put myself in their shoes to feel their pain, sorrow, hope, joy, and vulnerability. People feel wonder when they are happy, sad, joyful, or terrified. They look surprised when they are in pain, or if they lost someone or something. I believe there is a common feeling behind all of our emotions, the feeling of wonder and awe. These figures are hairless and genderless and their bodies are simplified to focus on their faces. Each one of them talks in a different level of amazement.”


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